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5 Best Kratom Products for Productivity, Focus, and Flow State

You’re looking for that extra edge to perform better, feel better, unblock creativity, and enter zones of attention, focus, and relaxation. In other words, you want to improve your productivity.  You want to enter that state of productivity where hours… Continue Reading →

Best Kratom for Social Anxiety

Kratom is not just a botanical extract but a time-honored tradition, a natural plant medicine kept sacred through generations. It is also often used for managing social anxiety, which we’ll be discussing today. Beyond its strains, kratom embodies a holistic… Continue Reading →

3 Protein-Packed Smoothie Recipes For Any Goal

Over the last few decades, while carbs and fats have alternated as taking the blame for the problems that plague society, protein, the other macronutrient, has enjoyed its place atop the macronutrient thrown. And that’s for a host of reasons…. Continue Reading →

4 Best Kratom Extract Products (2023) Reviewed

The kratom tree is known for its alkaloid-containing leaves which are most commonly dried, crushed, and ground into a powder. This powder can be taken in a variety of ways in order to receive the wide-ranging effects of the alkaloids,… Continue Reading →

The Ideal Lighting Setup to Hack Your Productivity, Performance, and Sleep

Our environment plays a massive role in our hormonal regulation. As crazy as it seems, something as seemingly innocuous as the lighting around us changes our focus, motivation, performance, and sleep. Simple changes in our work (or sleep) environment can… Continue Reading →

L-Theanine For Focus, Sleep, and Hangovers

Preface: This article is part of a series on ingredients that can improve focus and energy. Check out our other articles on kratom for energy and modafinil. What Is L-Theanine? Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid, and its most… Continue Reading →

The Best Kratom for Energy and Focus

Preface: This article is part of a series where we’re examining different types of “nootropics” or ingredients reported to improve cognitive function. In the first article, we talked about the popular modafinil. Kratom has been used as a stimulant and… Continue Reading →

Modafinil User’s Guide: Performance Enhancement, Acute Sleep Deprivation, and More

Preface: This article starts a new series on various popular ingredients in nootropics. Nootropics have become a hot topic recently, and as a class of ingredients, they’re relatively new. The term was only coined in the 60s with specific criteria… Continue Reading →

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