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The Ideal Lighting Setup to Hack Your Productivity, Performance, and Sleep

Our environment plays a massive role in our hormonal regulation. As crazy as it seems, something as seemingly innocuous as the lighting around us changes our focus, motivation, performance, and sleep. Simple changes in our work (or sleep) environment can… Continue Reading →

3 Simple Pre-Workout Strategies to Have Your Best Workout of The Month

Most advice telling you what to do before training involves advice that isn’t wrong, but it’s not useful. We all know that getting a good night’s sleep and eating well and having consistent routines are important to have a good… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Relieve Pain Before Working Out

There is nothing that will derail your health and training progress faster than getting injured. It’s absolutely the worst. Sometimes injuries are absolutely unavoidable. Other times, they are. The reality is if you train hard, aches and pains are going… Continue Reading →

Modafinil User’s Guide: Performance Enhancement, Acute Sleep Deprivation, and More

Preface: This article starts a new series on various popular ingredients in nootropics. Nootropics have become a hot topic recently, and as a class of ingredients, they’re relatively new. The term was only coined in the 60s with specific criteria… Continue Reading →

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