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The Ultimate Guide to Kratom and Coffee: How to Mix Them Effectively

Coffee and kratom have been used together by countless kratom users seeking to add an additional energy boost and pain-relieving effects from their morning coffee. While coffee is the more prolific of the two, and we touch on why this… Continue Reading →

Can You (Or Should You) Take Pre-Workout on An Empty Stomach

Some of our other articles on pre-workouts like, where the pre-workout ‘itch’ comes, 3 simple pre-workout strategies, and the experimental pre-workout supplement, prompted some great follow-up questions. One that came up is… Whether you can take pre-workout on an empty… Continue Reading →

Caffeine and ADHD: How to Use Caffeine to Support ADHD Symptoms

While medications like Adderall and Ritalin are a gold-standard, time-tested treatment for ADHD, most people with ADHD don’t take them every day. These amphetamines, if not used appropriately, can lead to dependence, anxiety, weight loss, and more. That’s why there’s… Continue Reading →

Caffeine Intake: The Boon and The Bust

Very few drugs have experienced waves of bearish and bullish controversy quite like caffeine, except perhaps MDMA and Kratom. Arguably, it’s one of the most important substances in the formation in our society, as food and drug journalist Michael Pollan… Continue Reading →

5 Habits to Fall Asleep Fast

We can all relate to the struggle of wanting to get to bed earlier, whether for our health, our training goals or just to, you know, not feel terrible and drowsy throughout the day. The simple advice to just “go… Continue Reading →

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