Coffee and kratom have been used together by countless kratom users seeking to add an additional energy boost and pain-relieving effects from their morning coffee.

While coffee is the more prolific of the two, and we touch on why this is the case in this article on the boon and the bust of caffeine, kratom has also been used for thousands of years by local populations for its stimulating effects.

In fact, kratom is a member of the coffee family. They are biological cousins. And their effects, although through different mechanisms and totally different active substances, their effects have some similarities.

In addition to an energy boost, kratom has pain-relieving and anxiety-reducing impacts. So while it provides instant alertness and focus, it’s not a jittery alertness that high amounts of caffeine yield.

There are also practical considerations to mixing kratom and coffee together.

Mixing Kratom In Coffee Can Mask Its Bitter Taste

Kratom isn’t the easiest substance to get down because of its bitter taste. While the most popular method of consuming kratom is the “tosh and wash” method, lots of people prefer to take it with existing beverages.

Whether that’s a kratom protein and fruit smoothie, steeped kratom tea, or, that’s right, plopping a few grams of kratom into your coffee, these various strategies help mask kratom’s bitter taste and make delicious, convenient ways to consume your kratom.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker already, then occasionally adding a few grams of kratom into your morning coffee makes practical and logistical sense.

3 Simple Steps to Make Kratom-Infused Coffee

This isn’t rocket science.

1. Brew your coffee

Brew kratom and coffee

Start with a fresh pot, however you like it. Kratom will mix better in hot coffee, so you’ll want to make sure you have a warm pot.

2. Add 1-5 grams of kratom to coffee

kratom and coffee

Measure out the kratom dose you want. We recommend starting with 1 or 2 grams. Kratom is a strong substance, and as we’ll talk about, it can be hard on your stomach. So start with a small dose.

Just like caffeine, building a tolerance to kratom is common, which means you need to keep taking more and more to get the same effect. A conservative, very safe upper limit is 5 grams per day, although countless users have used higher daily doses without any negative health effects.

Once you have the dose, add your spoon of kratom to your hot coffee.

3. Stir your kratom and coffee thoroughly until it’s completely dissolved

Kratom doesn’t particularly mix well, either, so it’s important to give it a stir. Unfortunately, it’s not like adding a spoonful of sugar.

So make sure it dissolves well. Again, this is why it’s important to use hot coffee.

Once the kratom is dissolved, then you can add cream and sugar. You can even make it an iced kratom coffee at this point by pouring it over ice.

Alternatives to Kratom and Coffee

Extracts are another option. Taking simple powder isn’t the only option, and we’ve touched on the differences between kratom extracts and powders.

There are even extracts from quality, third-party-tested companies that have coffee-infused extracts.

Hush Coffee-Infused Kratom Shot is one such example, and you can learn more about that here.

Another extract option is to take these kratom caramels from Hush and simply drop one into your coffee.

It will dissolve easily and give your coffee a caramel flavor, so that’s another option.

Extracts, however, tend to be more expensive than powders.

What Are The Benefits of Mixing Kratom and Coffee Together?

As mentioned, they’re both stimulants, so it will give you an extra stimulant kick, along with the other effects of kratom, like possibly reducing anxiety and definitely reducing pain (which is why it’s popular among those dealing with chronic pain.)

Because you can build a tolerance to both, there are many strategies to go about using kratom and coffee together.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, then you probably already know that coffee doesn’t give that pizazz like it first used to. One popular option to restore this effect is to cycle caffeine, however regular coffee drinking has its own set of interesting health effects, like disease prevention, as covered this excellent article from Examine about cycling caffeine.

So if you want to keep your daily coffee but want that fresh boost of energy and focus, that’s a good time to go for a coffee + kratom combination.

Another strategy is the inverse. If you’ve grown accustomed to kratom, and are trying to lower your dose, then using a lower dose than normal in conjunction with coffee can help you taper back down to a lower dose.

If you don’t regularly use either, then it doesn’t make as much sense to combine them. If you don’t drink caffeine and then drink a cup of coffee, that will be plenty of a stimulant effect on its own. But if you want to get some of the other effects of kratom, like pain relief and euphoria, then of course you can still mix them.

Is it Safe to Mix Kratom and Coffee? What Are the Side Effects?

Yes, it’s safe to mix them as long as you’re not an idiot about the doses. However, there are a few concerns to be aware of.

Foremost among them is the stomach and gut discomfort. Kratom is not easy on the gut, and we all know that coffee makes us poop.

That’s why we recommend starting with a small dose of kratom. 1-2 grams is great to start.

Another short-term concern is insomnia. Since you’re combining TWO stimulants, don’t plan on sleeping for a while. That’s why you should keep this cocktail for the morning time.

Long-Term: Watch Your Tolerance

With both of these substances, you can build a tolerance, both of which can have negative effects, but which is especially important with kratom.

Track your doses and if you watch them climb, then try to cycle off, especially with kratom, or bring the dose back down. Remember, you’ll only get the best effects of kratom if your receptors are fresh, so it’s in your favor to lower the dose or take a break.

What Strains of Kratom Make the Most Sense to Mix With Coffee?

There are three main strains of kratom: white, green, and red. They all come from the same plant. The differences are in how they’re dried. We covered this in this article.

Green, as the graph informs us, is just a mix of both.

Any other claims from companies that xyz-specific strain gives xyz-specific effects is mostly marketing bullshit. Every batch will vary, because it’s a different plant that grows in different conditions every time.

That’s how it goes.

With that said, choose the strain based on the stimulating effects you want. If you want to be completely jazzed up, go with a white strain, if you want something more smooth, go with a green strain, and if you just want the other benefits of kratom (like pain relief), then you can even mix a red strain.

Decaf + Red Blend

You could also use a little bit of red with decaf coffee, or even with a caffeine-free tea like chamomile if you’re closer to bedtime.

Where to Find More on Kratom

We have explored kratom in-depth. You can check out our full catalog of articles on kratom.

If you want to try kratom, it’s absolutely crucial that you buy it from a trusted source. Because of kratom’s gray-area status, it’s very unregulated. This means kratom you both at gas stations, CBD stores, or even online, is often contaminated.

Look for brands that are members of the National Kratom Association and are third-party tested with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices.)

Frequently Asked Questions About Kratom and Coffee

Can Kratom and Coffee Be Taken Together?

Yes, kratom and coffee can be taken together. Many kratom users have reported combining the two to enhance their overall experience.

What are the Benefits of Combining Kratom and Coffee?

When kratom and coffee are combined, you may experience increased energy, focus, and alertness. The stimulating properties of both kratom and coffee together can provide a more potent effect. Additionally, the combination may help mitigate the sedative effects of certain kratom strains.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects of Combining Kratom and Coffee?

Because both coffee and kratom can cause increased heart rate, blood pressure, and jitters, especially in higher doses or for those sensitive to caffeine, we highly recommend starting with low doses of each and observing how your body reacts before increasing your dosage.

Can the Combination of Kratom and Coffee Cause Overstimulation or Anxiety?

Due to the effects listed in the last question, combining kratom and coffee can potentially lead to overstimulation or increased anxiety, especially if consumed in high quantities. Each person reacts differently, and factors like individual tolerance, sensitivity, and the specific strains used can influence the outcome. Start with smaller doses to see how your body responds. If you want to learn more about kratom for anxiety, read this article.

How Should Kratom and Coffee Be Combined for Optimal Taste and Results?

After reading this article, you have a great blueprint for mixing coffee and kratom together. Experimentation is key to finding the right balance and combination that works best for you.