Kratom herbal supplements are made from dried kratom leaves imported from Southeast Asia. It’s somewhat of a similar process as making tea leaves. Like all organic matter, then, eventually, the dried kratom leaves will decay, no matter how well it’s stored.

Nonetheless, realistically, how long is kratom’s shelf life, what can you do to extend it, and what should you know about the old kratom you found in your closet?

There’s also the question of whether the active alkaloids in kratom, mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-HMG), lose their potency over time.

Most of the info from this comes from anecdotes of kratom users, experimenting and sharing their experiences.

does kratom expire?

Does Kratom Expire?

As mentioned, the short answer is yes. It’s a plant. You could throw it in the compost and small organisms would feast on it, turning it into fertile dirt, just like other food and organic matter scraps like banana peels.

(Whether the worms going to town on the kratom get high is a fun question, but one we don’t have an answer to.)

The other question here is should you listen to the expiration date on the bag? Could anything bad happen?

Any kratom you take before the expiration date, as long as you’ve stored it in a reasonable space that’s cool and dry will be fine. As you’ll see when you buy kratom, the expiration is months out.

On various kratom forums, people report taking kratom that’s 5 or 6 years old with zero issues and still getting the same effects.

Others discuss that after less than a few years, the kratom lacked the potency, and they didn’t get the same effects.

There are a lot of factors that determine this, including

  • The potency of the kratom to begin with. Most kratom isn’t third-party tested, and even if it is, they often don’t test the alkaloid levels. Your kratom could never have been any good. This will vary by strain, yes, but also within each batch.
  • The external environment. If you store it in the compost, it’s going to compost.
  • The container. If the bag is sealed or unsealed, that’s going to affect it.

Does Kratom expire?

Can Expired Kratom Cause Harm?

Generally, no. Some expired kratom will be totally fine and have the same effects, depending on the factors we mentioned above.

But let’s assume that it’s way past expiration and effectively “gone bad.” The most likely outcome of this, is that the effects won’t be as strong. It might have a stale texture and taste, as some users have reported. But, it’s not going to do any harm. At that point, though, you’re just stomaching an inactive dry leaf for no reason.

It would be like walking out of your house during foliage season, picking up a dead leaf off the ground, crushing it up and putting it in your smoothie. You’ll live, but you might get a bit of an upset stomach.

When Expired Kratom Can Cause Harm:

However, if your kratom has been exposed to moisture, then it could be a breeding ground for bacteria. If your bag is expired and has been opened, then just toss it. There’s no reason to take your chances like that.

How to Properly Store Your Kratom to Lengthen Its Shelf Life and Avoid Expiration

This brings us to the question of how to lengthen its shelf life.

  • Keep the bag sealed. Once you’ve opened the bag, moisture has come in. If you’ve had an opened bag for a while, toss it. To that, don’t store it in anything that’s not air-tight, and ideally only store unopened kratom bags.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place. If you live in the desert and keep it in your garage, it’s not going to last as long. If you live in a cold place, and store it in a completely dark cupboard or pantry, then it’s going to last longer. Keep it away from light.
  • Use a desakit pack. You know those little bags that come in supplements? That’s to take the moisture away. If you want to support the shelf-life of your kratom you can throw one of those in wherever you store it to help keep the environment dry.
  • Don’t refrigerate it or put it in the freezer. Kratom doesn’t do well in those conditions.

Does Kratom Expire?

You Should Take Your Kratom Fresh

Regular kratom powder is inexpensive. It makes more sense only to buy what you need for a few months at a time. That way, you don’t need to go crazy with storing your kratom in the first place, or worry about it as much.

This will also ensure that you’re getting the full potency out of your kratom.

Just because lots of users have taken 5-year-old kratom without any problems, doesn’t make it a good idea.

It’s Crucial That You Buy From Transparent 3-Party Tested Sources

Whether it’s stored well or not, a lot of kratom on the market is crap. Kratom is highly unregulated, and any random kratom you buy could be contaminated to begin with, cut with other substances, or packaged poorly, so it won’t store well.

As a bare minimum, make sure you buy kratom from an American Kratom Association, GMP (good manufacturing practices) approved vendor.

Taking that a step further, though, look for vendors who are transparent in their manufacturing processes, and who tested the purity of the kratom.

Viable Solutions, for example, have industry-leading transparency (they show you their whole process on their website), and were the first ones to display the testing results of every batch with a simple QR code.

This way, you know exactly what’s in every bag of kratom you take.

Frequently Asked Questions for “Does Kratom Expire?”

Does Kratom Expire?

Yes, kratom can expire over time. While it does not have a strict expiration date like some perishable foods, kratom can lose its potency and quality over an extended period.

What Factors Can Affect the Shelf Life of Kratom?

Several factors can influence the shelf life of kratom, including the quality of the product, storage conditions, and exposure to light, air, and moisture. Higher-quality kratom, when stored properly, tends to have a longer shelf life compared to lower-quality kratom.

How Long Does Kratom Typically Last?

The shelf life of kratom can vary depending on the factors mentioned within this article. Generally, kratom can retain its potency for 1 to 3 years if stored properly. However, it is important to note that the effects may gradually diminish over time, even within this period.

How Can I Tell If Kratom Has Expired?

Expired kratom may exhibit signs such as a change in color, a stale or musty odor, and a significant decrease in potency. If the kratom does not provide the desired effects or has a noticeably different appearance or smell, it may have expired.

How Should I Store Kratom to Maximize Its Shelf Life?

To prolong the shelf life of kratom, it is best to store it in a cool, dry, and dark place. Exposure to direct sunlight, moisture, and excessive heat can accelerate the degradation of kratom. Airtight containers, such as resealable bags or glass jars, can help protect the kratom from air and moisture.

Can Freezing or Refrigerating Kratom Extend Its Shelf Life?

While some individuals choose to freeze or refrigerate their kratom to preserve its potency, it is not necessary and may not significantly extend its shelf life. If you decide to freeze kratom, make sure it is tightly sealed and protected from moisture to prevent condensation when thawing.

Is It Safe to Consume Expired Kratom?

Consuming expired kratom is generally considered safe but may not provide the desired effects. We always recommended using fresh kratom for optimal results. If the kratom has been stored properly and shows no signs of spoilage, it may still be safe to use but may be less effective. But, if it is expired, we recommend disposing of it appropriately and investing in fresh kratom.

Where Can I Purchase Fresh and High-Quality Kratom?

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