Kratom, for all its known effects and complicated history, has one thing that’s abundantly clear: taking kratom feels good. And the words often used to describe this uplifting experience include euphoric, uplifting, energizing, relieving, and more.

But not all kratom provides the same experience. In general, it can vary by strain, but even batches of the same strain can have different amounts of the key compounds that are responsible for kratom’s effects.

Here’s why kratom causes euphoria, and which strains to look for if you want to get the most out of your kratom.

Want to skip ahead? Green plantation kratom from Viable Kratom is our top choice for best kratom strains for euphoria because it consistently tests high for mitragynine.

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How Does Kratom Lead to Feelings of Euphoria?

Kratom derives its effects from two active alkaloids in the kratom leaf: mitragynine and 7-hyroxy-mitragynine. It’s the alkaloids that really matter, and they’re the reason kratom may help curb addiction, improve energy and focus, and more.

For euphoria, in particular, it’s the level of mitragynine that matters.

Mitragynine attaches to receptors in the brain that directly interact with dopamine and serotonin. In sum, mitragynine increases these two feel-good neurotransmitters.

Often, drugs known for their good feels, like MDMA, also target these feel-good neurochemicals, although through entirely different processes. Based on this, it’s clear why kratom, when you choose a quality product, leaves you feeling euphoric.

What’s the Mechanism Behind Its Interaction With Neurotransmitters?

Kratom is both powerful and controversial because its alkaloids attach to receptors called the “opioid receptors,” named so because opiates attach to the same receptors. This is why kratom is controversial, and also why countless people have used kratom to wean off opiates and fight opiate addiction.

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The Most “Euphoric” Experience Comes Down to Mitragynine Levels

Knowing the mechanisms and reasons for this, the kratom strains that give you the most euphoric effects are the ones that test high in mitragynine.

Anything else you read, about this or that strain somehow causing more euphoria for some unexplainable reason is simply *marketing bullshit*.

How to Find The Best Kratom for Euphoria: Look for Products That Test High in Mitragynine

A big problem with kratom in general is that it’s not well-regulated, and random kratom you buy at a gas station has practically zero rules it has to follow. This means most kratom out there is garbage. It can be laced with drugs, ineffective, and even contaminated with bacteria, which has been found in tons of batches of kratom later sold to consumers.

You Need to Find a Source That’s Doing Testing and Following Safety Protocols.

Most companies don’t test their products for safety, let alone for mitragynine levels. On our list, we include two options that are actually tested so you know that they’re safe, and that you’ll be getting the dose of mitragynine that will give kratom that euphoria.

Plantation Maeng Da: Best Green Strain Kratom for Euphoria

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Plantation Maeng Da from Viable Solutions is a green kratom strain that’s American Kratom Association, Good Manufacturing Practices Certified.

Green kratom strains are a mix of white and red kratom, which is dried differently, so it has a balanced, invigorating effect that will give you energy but the stimulating effect won’t be overwhelming.

What separates this product from other green strains, and other AKA-certified kratom on the market, though, is that Viable tests the mitragynine content of every batch, and this kratom is consistently the highest. More mitragynine per gram means more euphoria.

All you have to do to see its purity is scan the QR code on every bag, and you’ll get info on its unique batch.

With kratom, every batch is going to be different, because they come from different leaves that grew in different conditions, often at different times of the year.

Overall, because of the consistently high mitragynine testing, Plantation Maeng Da from Viable is our top pick.

It also comes in a convenient capsule version.

Maha Kali: Best Red Strain Kratom for Euphoria

viable kratom maha kali red vein

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Red strains typically test higher for 7-HMG than green and white strains. People take red strains at higher doses and in the evening because 7-HMG seems to offset some of kratom’s stimulating effects, making it helpful to get to sleep. Second, kratom at high doses leads to a sedative effect.

This is a perfect strain in the evening, when you want to feel the euphoria and also want to use kratom to help you sleep. You may need to take a higher dose, though.

In addition to testing higher for 7-HMG, though, the Maha Kali strain also typically tests higher for mitragynine than other red strains. In some ways, then you get the best of both.

Are There Side Effects to Kratom?

Yes. While kratom is a powerful substance, that power can be double-edged. If you take kratom all of the time, you can grow a tolerance to eat, and need to take more and more.

The best solution is to take kratom occasionally, and keep your doses modest. A conservative limit is to keep your dose under 5g per day.

In the short term, kratom can cause GI distress, since it’s not easy on the stomach.

We’ve written much more about kratom and its side effects, so you can check out our full catalog of articles on kratom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kratom for Euphoria

What is Kratom Euphoria?

Kratom euphoria refers to the pleasurable and uplifting feeling that some users experience when consuming certain strains of kratom. It is often characterized by a heightened sense of well-being, increased sociability, and a general mood boost.

What Makes Certain Kratom Strains More Euphoric?

The euphoric effects of kratom are believed to be influenced by the specific alkaloid profile and composition of different strains. Kratom strains that are high in the alkaloid mitragynine and have a balanced blend of stimulating and relaxing properties tend to be more likely to induce euphoria.

Are There Different Levels of Euphoria with Kratom?

Yes, there can be varying levels of euphoria experienced with kratom, ranging from subtle mood enhancement to intense euphoric sensations. The intensity of euphoria can depend on factors such as the dose, strain, individual body chemistry, and tolerance to kratom. We always recommend starting with a small dose to see how your body responds.

How Should I Use Kratom for Euphoria?

To achieve euphoria with kratom, it is recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase it until the desired effects are achieved. Finding the right dosage and strain that works for you may require some experimentation, as individual responses to kratom can vary. If you have other questions, write them in the comments so we can help you further.

Where Can I Find the Best Kratom for Euphoria?

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