Kratom is an herbal supplement that comes from a tree in Southeast Asia, where it’s been used as medicine for millennia. Its effect comes from two specific alkaloids within the plant, which act on the opioid receptors in the brain.

Although they’re not opioids, chemically they work on the same receptors, which accounts for a lot of benefits, like pain relief and sleep, along with its risks, like addictive potential. That said, like almost everything else, it’s not categorically good or bad.

Kratom, when used responsibly, intelligently, and only from trusted sources, has a huge host of benefits.

Some of those benefits include its interactions with alcohol, in particular as a tool to ease hangover symptoms and a piece of the puzzle for battling alcohol withdrawal.

General Kratom Concerns

Amid some of the complex controversies, one of the starkest is the contamination problem. Because it’s almost completely unregulated, it’s incumbent on companies to get their own third-party testing. This means that most of them simply don’t. So DO NOT buy kratom from your local gas station.

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Kratom and Alcohol At The Same Time

When mixed together at the same time, kratom and alcohol have mixed opinions among users. Sorting through all of these anecdotes and talking with kratom experts, here’s what we know so far about mixing kratom and alcohol.

kratom and alcohol

Feel Drunk with Less, Worse Hangovers

First, a little bit of kratom subjectively can make you feel drunker with less alcohol. You’re mixing one euphoric experience with another, so they come together.

However, this comes at a cost. Users report that headaches and hangovers are even worse when you take them together.

Both kratom and alcohol dehydrate you. Responsible kratom users consistently talk about the importance of staying hydrated if you take kratom. And, of course, we know this is also true for alcohol.

The horrible hangover can be explained by the dehyration.

Liver Stress

Kratom, like alcohol, also puts stress on the liver.

While the dehydration is a serious concern, this is also a big problem with combining kratom and alcohol.

If you want to feel drunk, just drink more, if you want the benefits of kratom, take kratom alone. If you do decide to try this, start with small doses and tread with caution.

Kratom and Alcohol Withdrawal

As much as we talk about how one of the pitfalls of kratom is that it lacks a lot of scientific research, kratom as a tool for alcohol withdrawal does have some studies behind it.

A 2011 study found that 15 grams per day of kratom reduced alcohol dependence and lessened withdrawal symptoms.

kratom and alcohol

This is a very high dose of kratom, and was used for serious alcohol dependence. If you’re just trying to reduce your alcohol use, you can start with a more modest dose.

A recent November 2021 study looked deeper into the chemistry of kratom and suggested that deriving novel compounds from kratom might be a future tool for alcohol withdrawal.

This research is backed by anecdotal reports with success at lower doses in the study. Many users have found 2-5g a day was all they needed to stave off alcohol cravings.

How Could This Work?

If you are on the verge of alcoholism, you can’t just stop drinking. Your body has physically come to depend on it to function. So you have to taper away from drinking. But this can be miserable, even impossible, for alcoholics.

But kratom can provide some of those good feelings and relief alcohol does, so when you get the cravings, kratom can keep you from reaching for the bottle.

The Best Kratom for Alcohol Withdrawal

kratom and alcohol

In the 2011 study, the researchers used a pure red kratom. As we’ve discussed in other articles, red kratom has a different alkaloid breakdown than white kratom and green kratom (which is a mix of red and white). Red kratom works more as a sedative and less as a stimulant, making it the best for helping you sleep.

Sleep is often one of the problems with alcohol withdrawal, so replacing your evening drink with a red kratom can help you sleep.

If you’re taking it during the day (and need to stay alert) go with a green kratom.

For pure red strains of kratom, Viable has TWO options, the red vein Borneo and the red vein Sumatra. Both are third-party tested to meet the American Herbal Product Association Testing Requirements for Botanical Products.

The differences between the two in general come from the type of tree they come from. Viable states that Borneo is a more gentle experience to start out with, so if you’ve never used kratom, that’s where I would start.

Learn more about Viable Red Vein Borneo Kratom.

red vein sumatra kratom for sleep

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As for the green strain, their bestseller is the Green Maeng Da. However all the green strains have similar alkaloid breakdowns and therefore similar effects.

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Kratom and Alcohol Hangovers

Another fantastic, and perhaps surprising, use of kratom when it comes to alcohol is its use to combat hangovers. Now it doesn’t “cure” a hangover.

The only things that “cure” a hangover are water and electrolytes, because hangovers occur due to dehydration. That means fluids, fruit, smoothies, and maybe your favorite hydration beverage are your best tools for hangovers.

However, kratom does a great job alleviating the symptoms of hangovers so that we can go on about our day.

Just don’t use kratom in place of drinking water. If you use kratom for a hangover, in fact, drink extra water, because kratom is hydrating.

Also, assuming you’re not drinking every night, this means you’ll only be using kratom infrequently and in small doses. Users report as little as 2g to be plenty for alleviating headache and hangover symptoms.

Energy Boost

Kratom also acts as a stimulant. When you drink alcohol you usually go to bed super late and alcohol ruins your deep sleep, so you’re going to be tired. Like caffeine, (the kratom tree and coffee plants are cousins) kratom can be the stimulant you need.

The Best Kratom for Hangovers

If you’re hungover and exhausted, go with a pure white strain, which is more stimulating. If you’re mainly going for headache relief, go with a green strain.

For another tool to fight hangovers, check out our guide on l-theanine.

Kratom and Alcohol

Kratom’s strongest use case with regards to alcohol clearly seems to be a tool for alcohol withdrawal. This could have massive impacts down the line, and new research from just last year suggests the interest in studying kratom is bubbling. Despite this excitement, kratom comes with risks, so make you use responsible doses and only get kratom from a trusted source.

Disclaimer: This was written by a stranger on the internet and therefore is NOT your doctor. We do not provide medical advice and is for informational purposes only. Please consult your physician with any questions you have before taking a supplement of any kind.

FAQ About Kratom and Alcohol

kratom and alcohol

Q: Can you mix kratom and alcohol?

A: Yes. As mentioned in this article, you can mix kratom and alcohol. But, there are side-effects that should be considered and taken seriously.

Q: What are the benefits of using kratom and alcohol?

A: The benefit of using kratom and alcohol is primarily for cases of withdrawal.

Q: Is there harm in mixing kratom and alcohol?

A: There are downsides to mixing kratom and alcohol. You may experience: getting too drunk, too fast, intense hangovers, severe dehydration, and more stress on the liver.

Q: What is the best kratom strain for alcohol withdrawals?

A: The best kratom strains for coping with alcohol withdrawals are red vein borneo, red vein sumatra, and green maeng da.

Q: Where can I purchase kratom for withdrawals?

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