Kratom is an herbal supplement from a tropical evergreen tree in Southeast Asia, where it’s been traditionally used as a medicine.

It’s also a very controversial substance, for a variety of reasons. But as is the case with most drugs, a lot of the reasons for its availability come down to politics, rather than safety and research. While not without risks, in the right doses and contexts, kratom can be used to improve focus, support addiction withdrawal, and improve sleep.

Per a few research studies as well as thousands of kratom users, it also clearly has an effect on sexual performance.

The strongest link comes from one study in particular.

Kratom Seems to Improve Sexual Performance

A 2020 study in the Journal of Herbal Medicine looked at the effects of 12 grams of kratom daily for 30 days on the subjective sexual performance of 72 men.

71 of them reported improved sexual performance. More specifically, most of them reported increased energy during sex, delayed ejaculation, longer-maintained erections, and longer climax. About half also reported increased sex drive (libido).

While not a placebo-controlled study, and with subjective measurements, the overwhelming stats are hard to ignore.

We know that kratom increases energy at low-moderate doses. Sex performance is a complicated process, involving our physiology along with emotional and mental factors. Nerves and anxiety are a common cause of poor sexual performance, as well as premature ejaculation.

Kratom provides a mix of energy along with a relaxation component that makes a great recipe for sexual performance.

Use a Moderate Dose

12 grams is a relatively high dose. Many users report staying under 10 grams per day to avoid becoming dependent. Remember, kratom is a drug. And it has a moderate addictive potential.

There’s no downside to starting with a smaller dose and then assessing how you feel. For that reason, we recommend starting with just two grams, and staying under the 10-gram mark, even though this study went up to 12.

That’s because, over the long term, regular higher doses can have the opposite effect.

Over The Long Term, It Can Decrease Libido and Performance

While users anecdotally report increased sexual performance during the effects of kratom, over the long term if abused it seems to decrease libido and performance. In the words of one Reddit user, “My sex drive has gone down a lot since starting with kratom, and kratom definitely doesn’t make it easier to get my little guy up.” Poor little guy.

And we have some hints for why that’s the case. A 2021 case study in the Journal of Psychiatric Research on a 42-year-old reported decreased libido after regular kratom use.

He tested for high prolactin levels, which correlate to low testosterone levels. Testosterone plays a huge role in our libido.

As for the anecdotal erectile dysfunction, we don’t have research to explain it, but given the wide range of negative symptoms from kratom abuse, it follows along the lines of general health deterioration.

Moderate Use Showed No Impact on Testosterone

The good news is that other research, as we’ve written about in this article on kratom’s effects on testosterone, has shown that if used responsibly, kratom doesn’t affect testosterone or libido.

Use is not the problem. Abuse is.

Kratom and Premature Ejaculation

Just like overall sexual performance is a multifaceted, complicated process, so is premature ejaculation.

When you feel both energized and relaxed you’re less likely to suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction caused by nerves.

Behind this, though, we don’t have any clear explanations for how kratom may reduce the risk the premature ejaculation. We don’t have any research on how kratom impacts something like blood pressure, which would give us some clues.

For now, anecdotal reports and limited research show that taking kratom before sex can reduce the chances of premature ejaculation.

What are the Best Kratom Strains for Sex?

Kratom comes in three types of strains: white, green, and red. We talk more in-depth about this in this article on the kratom strains explained.

In sum, the strains have different concentrations of the two alkaloids responsible for kratom’s effects. White has more stimulating effects, while red has more sedating effects, and green is a combination of the two.

This means that if you’re using kratom for sex you should use a white or green strain. If you want more of an energy boost, use white, if you want a more calming yet still energizing boost, use a green strain.

The Safety Concerns With Kratom

Because kratom is unregulated, there’s a ton of crap out there. Kratom is often contaminated with bacteria or other stimulants. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you buy your kratom from a company with strict, third-party testing standards.

We recommend Viable Kratom. They’re GMP (good manufacturing practices) approved, and display the purity results of every batch of kratom on their site. They even have video tours of their manufacturing.

The other concern, as we’ve mentioned, is managing your dosage. Kratom is addictive, like many drugs. But, also like many drugs, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used safely. Start with a small dose, and keep it at a moderate dose.

Best Strain for Extra Energy During Sex

With all of this said, we recommend Viable’s White Vein Borneo kratom. It’s simple and pure.

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Best Strain to Stay Calm During Sex

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Disclaimer: This was written by a stranger on the internet and therefore is NOT your doctor. We do not provide medical advice and this is for informational purposes only. Please consult your physician with any questions you have before taking a supplement of any kind.