Kratom is one of the most controversial, yet potentially powerful and life-changing botanical herbs out there.

While kratom has changed the lives of countless people, one of the problems with kratom is that most of it out there is, simply, total crap. That’s largely because of a lack of regulation.

In order to use kratom safely it’s paramount to find proven, tested products.

That’s why we look for brands that truly make high-quality, effective products. Today we’re talking about OPMS Kratom.

Who Is OPMS Kratom?

OPMS, or Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions have been around since 2010. For a kratom company, that is an impressive longevity and track record. They specialize in kratom extracts. That is, rather than sell dry leaf kratom, they have a process to extract the alkaloids from kratom and package them up.

They also sell some kava products and kava + kratom products. For more on kava, check out this article on kratom vs kava.

Why Kratom Extracts? What Are Their Benefits?

First, we’d like to reemphasize that OPMS is an extract brand. They do not sell plain-leaf powder. Rather, they sell products that have extracted the kratom alkaloids and packaged them into convenient options.

So what are the benefits of extracts?

They’re Stronger

Simply, extracts contain more alkaloids in smaller doses. This means you can take a lot less of an extract to get the same effects.

You Know The Alkaloid Levels

While every batch of plain kratom leaf products will vary in its strength (and therefore its experience), extracts standardize the dose, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

As the saying goes, “what gets measured, gets managed.” With extracts, you can be systematic about your kratom use.

You can also get different ratios of the two alkaloids. There are extracts with different ratios of mitragynine to 7-HMG, which can give you different effects. You also get to choose the strength, and can select from stronger or more mild extracts.

Way More Convenient and with Fewer Stomach Issues

While powders are literally like digesting leaves (and are known for causing digestive problems), extracts are easy to get down.

With extracts, you can avoid the “toss and wash” method altogether and get your kratom in a simple convenient capsule, shot, or candy.

The only downside is that extracts tend to be a bit more expensive.

While powders will often only cost you a few bucks. OPMS in particular is one of the more expensive brands out there, but they have the quality to back it up.

Examining OPMS’s Quality: 5 Factors to Look At

Here are a few of the key points to look at with OPMS Kratom.

Third-Party Tested

First, one of the problems with the kratom industry is the lack of third-party testing. That is, companies put whatever they want on the label and in their products with limited oversight.

Hush third-party tests all of their products under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). They’re also certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA).

Track Record

There’s a saying in the supplement industry that if you see a brand you don’t recognize, check and see if they’re been around for at least five years. If they haven’t, tread with caution before buying. In the kratom industry, take this guideline even more seriously. In an unregulated field, there are tons of brands just trying to make a quick buck.

Stick with the ones that have been around. OPMS is one of the most long-running and reputable kratom companies out there.

In many ways, OPMS is like the Coca-Cola of kratom. You’ll see them everywhere, and you’ll know what you’re getting.

Transparent Doses, Concentrated Products

As mentioned, one of the benefits of extracts is that you can actually know the dose of the product. With OPMS, they list the percentage of alkaloids, so you know how strong hte product is.

Cold-Extraction Process

Another problem with extracts is that, when kratom is heated up and extracted, the alkaloids can get denatured. In contrast, OPMS uses a cold-extraction process that leaves the alkaloids intact, so they keep their potency.

Extensive Distribution of Many Products

Finally, you’ll find OPMS at more than just online retailers. They also distribute their products nationwide to convenience stores.

Whether it’s a bodega in New York City, or a gas station in Idaho, if you see OPMS, you know you can get high-quality kratom.

A Review of OPMS’s Most Popular Products

OPMS Black Kratom Extract Liquid

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Using a cold water high-pressure extraction process, OPMS is able to pull out more potent alkaloids from their already high-quality kratom—making for a higher concentration of active ingredients.

This 8.8 mL shot has approximately 310 mg of 48% Mitragynine kratom leaf extract so just a drop or two added to your favorite beverage can take any long-standing Kratom connoisseur into a calming state where they can relax and enjoy the OPMS experience.

OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsules

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Known as the stronger and more potent successor to the Gold Capsules, The Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions (OPMS) Black Kratom Extract Capsules are a reason for kratom vets to rejoice.

Available in a 2 or 5 pack, each capsule holds 310 mg of 48% Mitragynine kratom leaf extract. Yes, that’s the content PER CAPSULE which means it’s one of the strongest capsules available on the market.

OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Liquid

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This 8.8 mL shot has approximately 280 mg of 42% Mitragynine kratom leaf extract. Just a drop or two added to your favorite beverage can help encourage a calming state where you can relax and enjoy the OPMS experience. Notice that it’s a less strong product than OPMS black.

OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsules

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Available in a 2 or a 5 pack, each capsule contains 200 mg of 42% Mitragynine kratom leaf extract—meaning just one is more than enough for newbies to get excited and just enough for vets to sit back, relax, and enjoy the OPMS experience.

What’s the Difference Between OPMS Gold and Black?

At its core, black is a stronger product, with 48% mitragynine compared to 42% for gold.

What Are The Downsides of OPMS?

While OPMS is a trusted brand, it does have a few downsides.

First, their variety is surprisingly limited. In comparison to a brand like Hush Kratom, which has different strengths, ratios, and delivery methods, OPMS stays in the lane of simple shots and capsules, with mitragynine-based formulas. Relatedly, they don’t make straight plain leaf kratom.

Second, it’s a bit pricier than many other extract brands. However, because of their quality and track record, often I don’t think it’s a problem to pay a few extra bucks for peace of mind.

Third, as many reviewers have noted, their bottles can be a pain to open. However, I view this as an overall positive. With OPMS, you have no doubt that it’s factory sealed.

Where Can You Buy OPMS?

Rather than buying directly on their site, Hush resells to many of the most reputable kratom vendors out there.

After scanning the internet, you’ll find Hush Kratom available at the best prices and with industry-leading customer service over at Viable Kratom. They carry the entire Hush line at the best prices on the internet.

Buy your OPMS at the best prices available here.

The best way to know, however, is to try it out for yourself.

FAQ about OPMS Kratom Products

Q: Is it safe to buy OPMS from a convenience store or gas station?

Normally we advise against buying your kratom from sketchy places, but if you see it’s OPMS, it’s not expired, and the packaging hasn’t been tampered with, then you’ll be getting the standard OPMS quality?

Q: What is OPMS Kratom and what sets it apart from other kratom brands?

OPMS Kratom, or Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions, is a kratom brand that specializes in kratom extracts. Unlike other brands that sell plain-leaf powder, OPMS offers products with extracted kratom alkaloids packaged in convenient forms like capsules, shots, and candies.

Q: What are the benefits of using OPMS kratom extracts over plain-leaf powder?

Kratom extracts offer several advantages over plain-leaf powder. Extracts are stronger, containing more alkaloids in smaller doses, which means you can achieve the desired effects with less product. The alkaloid levels are standardized, ensuring consistent experiences. Additionally, extracts come in various ratios of alkaloids, allowing users to choose different effects and strengths. Extracts are also more convenient to consume and are less likely to cause stomach issues compared to ingesting powdered leaves.

Q: What factors contribute to the quality of OPMS Kratom products?

Several factors contribute to the quality of OPMS Kratom products:

  • Third-Party Testing: OPMS products are third-party tested under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA).
  • Track Record: OPMS has a long history and reputation in the kratom industry, which signifies its reliability and legitimacy.
  • Transparent Dosing: OPMS products list the percentage of alkaloids on the label, providing clear information about the product’s strength.
  • Cold-Extraction Process: OPMS uses a cold-extraction process that preserves the potency of alkaloids, ensuring they remain intact and effective.
  • Extensive Distribution: OPMS products are widely available, even in convenience stores across the nation, which reflects their broad reach and accessibility.

Q: What are some of the most popular OPMS Kratom products and their characteristics?

OPMS offers a range of popular kratom products including:

  • OPMS Black Kratom Extract Liquid
  • OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsules
  • OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Liquid
  • OPMS Gold Kratom Extract Capsules

Q: What are the downsides of OPMS Kratom products and where can they be purchased?

While OPMS Kratom is reputable, it has a few downsides:

  • Limited Variety: OPMS offers a narrower range of products compared to some other brands, focusing mainly on shots and capsules with mitragynine-based formulas.
  • Higher Price: OPMS products are relatively pricier compared to other extract brands, but the quality justifies the cost.
  • Packaging Difficulty: Some users find the bottles of OPMS products challenging to open, although this can be seen as a positive sign of factory sealing.

OPMS products can be purchased through reputable kratom vendors like Viable Kratom, which offers the products at competitive prices and with excellent customer service.

Q: Are there other high-quality extract brands?

Yes. Hush Kratom is another quality brand. You can see our review of Hush and their products here.

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